Summer Camp is Super Fun!

Our Montessori classroom is a child-sized environment with materials arranged into five curricular areas which include:

  • Practical Life: Grace & Courtesy, Control of Movement, Care of Self, Care of Environment, Food Preparation
  • Sensorial: Shapes, Forms, Textures, Colors, Sizes, Smells & Tastes
  • Language: Speaking, Listening, Writing, Reading & Music
  • Math: Counting, Quantity & Symbol Matching
  • Cultural: French, Science, Geography, History, Art, Music & Seasonal Celebrations

At The Lilliputian Montessori School, learning how to learn and exploring his or her world is central to each child’s day. Your child will achieve greater concentration, independence, and purpose. The mixed ages allow for children to learn from one another and reinforce their own knowledge. This is a highly social environment where the Directress explains new montessori activities during group circle time. The children are also given free choice of activities during the school day as well as lots of outdoor play.