Summer Camp is Super Fun!

21687853_10156280666114068_4923663577169280415_nWhen was the last time you slowed down long enough to observe a butterfly flap its way around your yard, rest on a flower, and then make its way out of sight? Our students were thrilled to do just that this fall when they released their beautiful monarch butterflies into our schoolyard and wished them well as they began their long journeys south. The children  had followed their progress through their life stages and got to watch as they emerged from their chrysalides. This quintessential lesson of “The Life Cycle of a Butterfly” is one you may remember from your own experiences as an eager 4 year old in awe of the wonder the natural world holds.

We are so proud to continue this tradition of wowing preschoolers with the fascinating workings of mother nature for our 34th year! The children in our community need these opportunities now more than ever. With electronics luring them in from all angles, we offer respite from the digital world. We facilitate meaningful opportunities to access our incredible natural landscape that is waiting right outside our doors. We are asking you for your support to ensure children for many years will continue to be inspired by a curriculum that highlights the value and importance of the natural environment.

We pride ourselves on offering a program rich in opportunities for building early literacy and math skills while also building strong practical life skills. The amount of growth we are privileged to witness from our students’ first day as Montessorians to their graduation as they move on to elementary school is astonishing. A quote that frames the way we view our students’ time with us at Lilliputian is as follows:

“A child does not grow like a tree, but like a caterpillar” –source unkown

We challenge you to look back on your own life and remember times of extraordinary growth and transformation. Perhaps you are thinking of your time in college or your journey to becoming a parent. But do remember your journey in becoming an independent child? The time you first balanced a pitcher of water all the way across the room to water a plant? Do recall the first time you could identify all the letter sounds on your own? Can you conjure up that first moment that you dressed, zipped, and tied your winter gear completely by yourself?

We sometimes forget how momentous this metamorphosis was to our own lives. It’s these little gems of growth that we get to witness all the time that are the reason we love our school so fully. We invite you to join us in supporting our program to build this important foundation for today’s youth.

Over the past 34 years, our school has served as “chrysalis” to thousands of children who moved on to spread their wings. Many have now grown up to become extraordinary members of our community. Miss Suzie has seen us through most of those children and most of those years. We all have some picture in our minds of Suzie offering words of wisdom, making a child laugh, or just working her incredible teacher magic at just the right time. We are so fortunate to have her here continuing to guide, teach, and inspire children. The energy of our Director Miss Amber is extraordinary as she continues this magic. These two, along with the rest of our exceptional staff, are the reason our school is so special. Please donate to our school so we can continue to inspire the next generation.

We wish you a magnificent winter and we thank you for your support of our school.


With Warm Regards,

The Lilliputian Board of Directors